Son Hero: Adventure Camp
July 12, 2017 - 7:08pm

Son Hero: Adventure Camp is a fun, two night camp-out, where fathers and sons go on a real-life, hero adventure! This year's hero theme will be the “Athlete” based on various Bible stories, including the Apostle Paul. Come discover the hero in your son’s heart!

Together, you'll find clues, solve riddles, play games, overcome fun challenges and solve a mystery – all in the great outdoors. Think of it as “Wild at Heart” for you and your boy.

Dates | Friday August 11-Sunday August 13, 2017
Location | Lake Siskiyou | 4239 W A Barr Rd, Mt Shasta, CA 96067
Registration Details | $30 at time of online registration, plus $10/car and $10/person @ Camp Entrance

  • This event is for fathers and sons ages 5-12 only. We have specifically catered this event for sons in the 5-12 age group, and for fathers and sons to do it together.
  • Campsite and activities included. Bring your own food, water and gear. We’ll be sending a detailed schedule and packing list closer to the event.
  • When registering, be sure to add each son to your registration so we have an accurate count!

    Registration will open soon!

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